Choose iPad POS System that is Right for Your Business


Using the right iPad POS system for your type of business is really important if you want to achieve great results! Read and discover the best iPad POS systems on the market!


With its perfect size, Bluetooth connectivity, and mobility, iPad POS system is the perfect system for every type of business, especially for pop-up stores, restaurants, cafe bars, food trucks, trade shows, and etc.

Each iPad Point of Sale system has applications that you can download and use to your iPad and some of these applications work on iPhones as well. The iPad device either connects to or is utilized alongside the credit card terminal offered by the payment processing company. The application records all of the transactions and prepares a variety of sales reports that you can further use to analyze the performance of your business. Most of the iPad Point of Sale systems include customer management and inventory management tools. If you want, you can create a countertop checkout station by connecting the iPad device to the tablet stand, cash drawer, and receipt printer.


There are so many POS companies out there and it is really important to find the best one that suits your business just right.

In this article, we are going to present some of the best iPad POS system solutions on the market, so you can make a final decision and pick the right one:


  • Revel Systems – This is one of the most popular POS software solution providers on the market. This is a great option as it is scalable and it grows as your business grows, so if you have plans for the future, to expand your business or something else this is probably the best option for you right now.
  • Vend – Another great POS system solution. It is compatible with third-party hardware, it allows online ordering, and offers month-to-month service.
  • SalesVu – Our third choice is SalesVu which also offers a month-to-month service, it is module based, and has a customizable mobile application.


These are the best iPad POS companies and they are on this list because of the choice they give you when it comes to payment processing companies which is great as it can save you a lot of money. They also have a selection of tools and features and can grow as your business grows, regardless of whether that means adding another location to your store, adding another checkout station or something else.